Thursday, 13 January 2011

Avocado sandwiches

Incrementally is a word Billie and I learnt from some Californian skaters in Paris. I was one hundred percent sure that it wasn’t a word and that this boy, in his deplorable state of American-ness had made it up. It was probably the way he said it –emphasis on the mentally. I don’t have my diaries from this trip but I remember a long meandering walk from the French hip hop club back to our hostel. There was already some light in the sky, and I dawdled at a bus stop with this boy, mainly laughing at the fact that he didn’t have the same vocabulary as me.

Incrementally means, by increments. Which are little bits; tiny pieces. If something happens by increments, you don’t notice it, it creeps up on you.

The next morning we took a train to Amsterdam and Georgia and Jerome made avocado sandwiches while I took my first valium and slept.

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